Our next big project is the renovation of our double rooms which we plan to renovate during the winter months of 2019. Laura and Lucy from PocketSpace Interiors will once again be assisting us with this project.

Together with the ladies from PocketSpace we have finalised the room concept. The  title «Rainforest chic»  describes the feeling of the new rooms which will project a fresh, light and natural style with high functionality. The last point is very important as our rooms are a little on the small side. Over the next few weeks we will be putting together a team of talented local tradespeople, many of whom assisted us with the previous renovations.

Although the double rooms will not be available from May to the end of July next year, we will still be renting out the Kiwi Apartment on the weekends.

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  • Suzi Wallis

    It looks like you will be moving the fridges out from the cupboard. One of the best features when we stayed recently, was that there was no fridge noise. I hope you’ve found a way with the new designs to eliminate that often annoying feature of motel rooms.

    08:36 26/11/2018
    • Debbie

      Hi Suzi. Thanks for your comment. The renderings are not accurate as the fridges will be in a unit and will have a door in front of them… so a good night’s sleep will be no problem! You will have to come and check it out in August next year!

      09:36 26/11/2018