Get to know the locals - informative booklets at your disposition



Kauri, Totara, Rimu and Kawakawa – all endemic New Zealand trees. What do they look like and how high do they grow? You can find the answers to these questions on our rainforest trails.

In many of the discussions we have had with guests, we were often asked the names of the trees on the property.  This lead us to create a Tree Trail leaflet where we have selected and marked around 30 different trees, bushes, ferns & flaxes around the lodge and on our trails The leaflet sets out which trees you can find on what trails – the rest is up to you! We have placed a copy of Adrian Crowe’s booklet „Native Trees“ in each room for you to find out more about our endemic trees, should you wish. The trails are all easy and well marked. The River Trail leads you along the Waiatekatanga River which runs through our property. Cross the swingbridge and enjoy the gentle hike with views down to the river. It also takes you past both of our swimming holes which are a great way to cool down in the hot summer months. We have also marked trees on the Ridge and Stagecoach trails. These trails lead up to a lookout point from where you can get a wonderful view of the lodge and surroundings – making the effort all worth while!