Wairua Lodge - Discover our Rainforest Trails

Wairua Lodge Discovery Trails


Are you up for a hike through the rainforest? Our discovery trails through the native forest are close to the lodge which means you don‘t have to drive anywhere! Just put on your shoes (or borrow some of our river shoes or gumboots if you choose to go up stream) and off you go!

The River Trail follows along the Waiatekatanga river that snakes its way through the property. Walk across the swing-bridge and follow the trail as it leads gently up to the little waterfall and bridge. Follow the trail back down to the river and make a stop for a dip at one of the swimming holes (a great cool-down in summer), or stretch out on the double wooden hammock and enjoy the birdlife down at the river’s edge. If you are lucky you might even hear the unmistakable call of the beautiful Tui or see some Fantails flitting around.

Wairua Lodge - Discover our Rainforest Trails and relax in our Hammocks near the swimming hole

The Ridge and Stagecoach Trails require a bit more fitness but both of them can be done without getting wet shoes! The trails lead up through the fascinating world of the rainforest, with countless endemic trees, ferns and bushes along the way. Around 30 of these are named (see „Getting to know the locals“ blog). Both of the trails lead up to the road where the lookout point offers a fantastic view of the lodge and surrounding rainforest – making the effort all worthwhile!

Wairua Lodge Ansicht mit der Drone gefilmt

Adventure seekers will get what they are looking for when climbing the Waterfall and Ravine Trails. Take a pair of river shoes and head up through the streams that feed the Waiatekatanga river, following the white signs along the way. You may even have to use some climbing skills along the way! One special challenge along the Ravine Trail is the 9m waterfall – a rope is installed to help you climb up or down the waterfall!

Wairua Lodge - Discover our Rainforest Trails. Climbing the waterfall on our ravine trail.