Fresh produce from our own garden



Over the past couple of months we have been working hard on our new garden project. The aim was to set up a permaculture inspired garden with a greenhouse, fruit trees, chickens and bees. During your stay here at Wairua you are free to help yourself to our seasonal products in the garden and we offer delicious bush honey as part of the breakfast selection.

We have removed the previous small vegetable garden and replaced it with a seating area with two deckchairs for our guests to relax in. High above the gurgling Waiatekatanga River you can now enjoy wonderful views of the rainforest and out into the valley below.

The first big job before we could get the garden going was to take down five Japanese Cedar trees – one being over 20m high, so Chris from Tricky Trees came in and did the job there. We built three raised garden beds using gabion baskets filled with Wairua river rocks, which have now been planted with winter veges and salads – some of which we were able to grow from seed in our new greenhouse. Pride of place is our hen-house and coop where our four chickens have made themselves at home. Above the henhouse are 6 beehives which belong to our neighbour, Jeff. We are lucky enough to be able to use this wonderful honey as part of our breakfast selection. Please feel free to help yourself to the produce in our garden whilst you are at Wairua.